When you enter the huge, dark building you find yourself in a hallway of horrors. Wicked looking weapons decorate the walls and between them hang stuffed heads of rabbits, pigs and people. Thru a barred door you see a torture room with skeletons on racks and strange evil-looking machinery.

A fat mustached warthog at a desk in the hall orders you to get out, immediately.

    stay and talk to the warthog 
    throw a sleep spell on the warthog and investigate the hallway
    Leave the jail and wonder thru the town

Leave jail and head out of town...
    Northwest (toward Pigsville)
    Southwest (toward the Fledermaus Road)
    South (toward the Pig Palace)  
    West (toward Pigsley)


Or can can try escaping by teleporting into the Maze:
    upward,   outside-in,   backward,   roundabout,   or downward.