PIGALLE'S is a sleazy tavern located along the Fledermaus road. On the boards under the name is a strange painting. It shows a hand-some dragon menaced by a cruel, blood-thirsty knight and an ugly, deranged princess. The tavern seems to be modeled after a castle with dark buttresses and eerie spires. The huge, jagged mountains around the area cut off most of the light, giving a twilight pall to the rugged, craggy terrain. Rank vapors and mists swirl and eddy around your body as if they were measuring you for the grave. Small black forms seem to be fluttering in the light from the windows and in the distance you can hear either wolves or mad dogs howling. A burst of demented laughter comes bubbling out of the tavern. 

You want to... 
    go in
    sneak around and look out back

Or, if you decide to go away from this weird place, you can head:  
    North,    NorthEast,   or South