You leap down smashing the heads of two vicious rats and roll over crushing several more. Your small~ trusty sword is in your hand now and slicing into the mass of bloodthirsty vermin. You back desparately towards the slimy wall. Heads and legs are flying through the air with every swipe of your sword but you are slowly being covered with a mass of squealing~ clawingj biting rodents. You swing around furiously throwing some off and dismembering others. Every slice of your sword cuts into the teaming mass killing many but still they keep coming. As you struggle to stay standing under the surging velvet mass of squirmlng bodies you determine to squeak out with one last super effort...

    Call for help
    Throw a Spell
    Pray for a miracle
    Fight valiantly to the death.

Or can can try escaping by teleporting into the Maze:
    to and fro backward outside-in or roundabout.