As you step into the area behind Pigalles you see a tall, cloaked figure struggling with something. The caped figure is strangling a small, pink pig. You rush to attack  the strangler but he easily brushes you aside with one hand. 

You run at him again and he picks you up and throws you onto the top of a thatched shed. There is an ax leaning against the shed. There is a pile of sharpened stakes by the ax. Nearby is a well. 

The figure is standing near the edge of a high cliff.

You decide to...
    attack with a stake 
    attack with the ax
    attack with your silver dagger 
    jump down on him and try to knock the piggy free
    rush him and try to knock him into the well
    run inside and try to get help

    run away:  North, South East or West (past the figure).