When you put your hand in your pocket to check your purse there is another hand there. You brush it away and push thru the crowd. A mime signals to you. You ask her what she wants but she doesn't say anything. She pretends she is reading a book and then nods off to sleep. You figure she wants you to do your homework and go to bed. She doesn't understand about Great Adventures. You ask her to tell you something about this adventure. She acts as if she is a very small person in a big jail cell. She wipes a tear from her eye. She points northeast but there are no roads to the northeast. The crowd surges around you and she disappears, balancing a ball on her nose, into the the mass of circus people. You plunge after her but discover that someone has tied your shoes together. As you stumble forward you reach out and grab someone for support. It is the Strongman. He looks at you angrily.

You can say,
    "Watch it, bub."
    "Congratulations, Sir, you have just won the Mr.T look-alike contest. Go to the Mumdock Building and collect your prize."  And slip off into the crowd, hopping along, to the...
    North     North-Northeast    or South