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Sample Permission Slip

[School Letterhead]

Dear Parents or Guardians:

Our school district is building partnerships with local individuals and businesses in our community to provide unique training opportunities for our students. If you would like your son/daughter to participate in our community based learning experiences, which involves travel off campus, then you need to furnish information on the following items and return this form with your signature.


[Staff Member's Signature]

[Request information which is helpful to have on hand.]

  1. Student Name
  2. Birth Date
  3. School
  4. Grade
  5. Home Address
  6. Parent/Guardian Name
  7. Home Phone
  8. Parent/Guardian Address
  9. Work/Day Phone
  10. Updated medical information about any condition the student has or medications being taken.

[Ask the parent or guardian to sign a permission statement.]

I hereby grant permission for my son/daughter to participate in the community/school job training opportunities of the _____________________ School District for the school year 19___/19___.

__________________________________   __________________
(Parent/Guardian Signature) (Date)

[Clarify the insurance or liability options]

Please read the following statement and provide your signature below:

I understand that accident insurance is not a requirement for participation in the ____________________________________ School District's community based training program. I recognize that in case of injury to my son/daughter, the cost of treatment is my responsibility and not the School District or community site.
Please check one or more as it applies to you.
   I have insurance coverage for my son/daughter with:
__________________________________   __________________
Medical Coverage Policy Number
__________________________________   __________________
Dental Coverage Policy Number
   I accept full responsibility for the cost of treatment for any injury my child may suffer while participating in the school's program.
   I have purchased the school insurance program as outlined in the brochure included with this form.
__________________________________   __________________
(Parent/Guardian Signature) (Date)



[School Letterhead]

Dear Parents:

From time to time the District desires pictures of students in our educational programs. We would like to have your written permission for the District to photograph/video tape and to identify your child for possible use in school related activities. Thank you for your cooperation.


[Staff Member's Signature]


I give my permission for my son's/daughter's photograph/video tape and/or name to be used for school related activities.

__ Yes     __ No

Student's Name _____________________________________(Please Print)

Parent's Signature __________________________________

Date ___________________

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