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The Grandfriends Project -- A Program Creating Friendships Across the Generations Martin Kimeldorf, the author

Sample Start-up Schedule & Memo

This sample memo and schedule show how a Grandfriend Project might be started. It begins with a letter describing the schedule for other staff; typically this refers to other teachers who are sending students to participate.

Note-This schedule and sample are from a program where an itinerant work experience coordinator visited schools on an alternate week basis. Your program may vary if you have more regular access to your students.

To: Teachers and nursing home staff,

Here is a list of start-up dates and activities. You'll notice that we will try to go every other week on __________[day]. Please communicate our schedule to the teachers students are being pulled from to participate. There must be a clear understanding if the student is responsible-or not-for make-up work (Please note that this policy will tend to vary with teachers). Also please remind the students to bring their permission forms to the first session.

We have tried to alternate between classroom training and visits as we cover the training contained in the first five chapters. Visits #1 and #2 are for orientation and acclimation of the students. Visit #3 is our first person-to- person visit. Between visits #2 and #3 we had to insert an extra classroom training session in order to cover the first five chapters.

Where: Leave From ___________________ at ___________ sharp!

Contact People-

Nursing Home Contacts:

--Volunteer Coordinator _______________________Ph____________
--Activities Director   _______________________Ph____________

School People

--Grandfriend Coordinator   ___________________Ph____________
--Alternate contact teacher ___________________Ph____________


Session #1 Orientation and Introduction for Students Date: _________  

-Collect any School or Care Center forms signed
-Read Introduction, underline 3 interesting lines,
-Go over journal assignments (see back of the workbook)
-Games--Know You (Life Stories)

Review Journals, dress, rules, van location
Read and discuss Chapter #1
Begin Assignment #1, complete for homework

Homework-always due next time
Journal #1
School Permission forms
Assignment #1 if not completed

Session #2--Visit Facility Date: _________  

Taking A Tour of the Facility
Collect Journal #1

Homework-always due next time
Journal #2
School or Nursing Home Permission forms remaining

Session #3-- Aging Simulation Date: _________  

Set out foods
Collect Journal
Go over Chapter 2 and do Assignment #2 in class

Homework-always due next time
Journal #3

Session #4--Visit Facility for Volunteer Site Orientation Date: _________

Collect Journal #3

Homework-always due next time
Journal #4

Session #5-- Rules, Regulations, Precautions Date: _________

Go over Chapter 3 and Assignment #3 [In classroom]

(Note--Students need signature on Assignment #3)

Homework-always due next time
Journal #5 and
Assignment #3 signed

Session #6-- Begin regular visits every-other-week Date: _________

--For the first visit use an ice-breaker for the group such as Bingo or sharing cherished objects

Meet in the classroom for instruction on alternate weeks

Reminder for staff:

__ Meet with ____________________ and go over schedule

__ Notify ___________________ of dates

__ Copies of this calendar to _______________________________

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