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The Grandfriends Project -- A Program Creating Friendships Across the Generations Martin Kimeldorf, the author

Sample Invitation Letter

Dear __________________________________________ [student]

Your teacher has recommended you for the Grandfriends Project. This is a community service activity in which you are being asked to share your time and talents with senior citizens who would like to enjoy your company. Projects like this have been done in the past at various local schools. Here at XYZ High School our goal will be to study aging and then visit residents at ____________________________ [name of nursing home or facility] located in ___________________________.

I think this can be a rich and satisfying experience because you will learn a lot about yourself and make some new grandfriends at the same time. In the past we have met some very interesting people. One man invited us to his place to see his collection of bonsai trees, another time an older woman shared her favorite book with her student visitor. In another project, students brightened the lives of the older residents when they brought in dogs from the local animal shelter. Some students play cards and or Bingo with the residents, help wheel people around, or assist with feeding. Most of the time we just like to sit and talk, share time and our company.

We will visit residents at the ABC Nursing Home and Care Center for about 30 minutes. This gives us time to stop at a local fast food place to discuss our experiences and plan the next visit.

The program will begin with about four training sessions at our high school and include two get-acquainted visits at the ABC Nursing Home and Care Center. You will need to fill out various forms for the center as well as the school. In Washington state we sometimes need to include a State Patrol background check which is required by law for volunteers. (However, having an arrest record does not automatically exclude someone because each case is determined individually).

Visits require that you participate both 5th and 6th periods. Our visits will take place every other week. We are also exploring the option of granting a 0.5 credit for students who complete 20 hours of service, finish written assignments, keep a journal, and write a final report about their experience. This project begins in the fall semester and ends in May.

The Grandfriends Project will emphasize good work habits such as punctuality, professional appearance, team work, communication and responsibility. We have room for 8 people in our school van. If we have more than 8 we will develop a waiting list for alternates.

Your first task is to talk this over with your Learning Support teacher and your guardians. Your Learning Support teacher will then clear the way for you to attend 5th and 6th period every other week. Be sure to bring this paper and the attached forms with both sides completed and signed by your guardians. At the first meeting, you'll get the forms for the ABC Nursing Home and Care Center . If you have any questions please see me in Room 314, or leave a message in my mailbox in Building C.

If you want to join the project, plan to show up the first meeting with papers signed by your guardians and teacher. We will meet at ________________[place], during ______ [period], on _______________[date].  


Martin Kimeldorf
Project Coordinator, XYZ High School

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