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Nursing Home Tour

I conduct the early training both in the classroom and on-site at the residential care facility. While on-site the staff conducts the training. To help coordinate the two training sessions, it is helpful to share with this lesson outline with the care center staff well in advance of your arrival for on-site training. Before they plan their on-site training, the residential staff will probably profit from reviewing Chapters 2 and 3, and the related assignments: Assignment #2-Aging Simulations and Assignment #3-Rules and Suggestions.


Keys for car/van
Binder--Student Permission forms, district forms

Before Going

Collect Any Forms
Collect booklet if you like or at the end of the session.
Make sure the office knows who is going in case an emergency happens or if a parent calls in requesting the student. We generally have a student take a copy of the roster to the office as we head out to the vans.


This is a guide for possible a agenda conducted by volunteer coordinator at the site.

  1. Orientation to the volunteer program at the facility
    • What volunteers their age do.
    • Why volunteers enjoy the tasks.

  2. Expectations, students represent facility
    • If needed, refer to job description for volunteers or staff (optional)

  3. Do's and Don'ts
    • Techniques
    • Rules---See rules on page Assignment #3-Rules and Suggestions in this packet. Two good hands-on activities include everyone washing up properly (for a count of 25 per washing) and taking apart and operating a wheelchair.

  4. Situations
    • Inappropriate behavior of residents

  5. Where we start next time

  6. Meet residents (if time)

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