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The Grandfriends Project -- A Program Creating Friendships Across the Generations Martin Kimeldorf, the author

Start-Up Checklist

This check list has been purposefully designed to be comprehensive. No one is going to be able to check all these off. Use it as an idea sheet for making your own start-up checklist.

Pre-Planning At School and Nursing Home

__ Review the curriculum.

__ Discuss program with administrators and get support for visits and other related needs like transportation.

__ Car and parking place

__ Place an extra set of car or van keys in a secure place.

__ Secure meeting place for discussion during periods _____ & _____

Nursing Home Orientation

__ Meet with Volunteer or Activities Coordinator

__Share curriculum and start-up sequence:

__Discuss and settle on possible times for visits

__Discuss where you'll meet. What are the options for large group interaction such as Bingo and places where granfriends can meet to visit.

__ Discuss start-up process and options
  • Students come for orientation and meet residents, perhaps do a group game like bingo.
  • Students come for volunteer training
  • Begin with some large group experiences like games and then move into one-on-one experiences such as interviews.

__ Review any of their forms, State Patrol clearance (if needed)

__ Determine who you will be meeting with each time you come. Often this is someone who provides direct services to the residents. This person will serve as liaison to residents, will remind them of your visit.

__ Get copies of forms and brochures. Review these and possibly use later in recruiting students or designed permission forms.

__ Meet with Nursing home staff who will be recruiting residents, describe your students and suggest possible times for visits.

Fine Tuning

__ Develop policy for regarding getting out of others classes (if this is needed). Establish and communicate attendance minimums. If you are pulling students from regular classes to participate, explain how students re-enter regular classes if they leave the project.

__ Generate or collect needed forms and letters. Have forms and your policy approved by administrators at school.

__ Draw up a schedule or calendar for the first 10 visits. Go over with the nursing home staff. Give copies to anyone who needs to know where you and your students will be such as administrators, attendance secretaries, school office.

Recruit Seniors and Students

__ Meet with senior citizens, residents, and recruit them. Sign them up as "mentors" and fill out the related Mentor Profile sheet.

__ Communicate program to other teachers and staff who may be involved in recruiting students.

__ Recruit students using stories, discussion, photos, even a visit.

__ Pass out forms needed to be signed.

Culminating Events

__ Your or the students should write an article for the school newspaper or newsletters.

__ Plan a culminating event in advance of the date. Secure permissions and financial or transportation resources.

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