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The Grandfriends Project -- A Program Creating Friendships Across the Generations Martin Kimeldorf, the author

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This book is approximately 50 pages long in the manuscript form. It is designed for both educators and staff working with older adults in care facilities or community based programs. This guide begins with general background about working with schools and care facilities. This is followed by step-by-step directions for setting up a program. Along the way, the narrative is sprinkled with planning tips and strategies for involving others. Each chapter in the student workbook also comes with it's own ancillary set of notes showing how to teach and enrich each lesson. The final section of this guidebook includes sample letters, forms and checklists.

The complete workbook will be available from Fairview Press (1-800-544-8207). The hyperlinked chapters are online and may be freely used in the classroom.


What Is a Grandfriend?

Introduction to Residential Care Staff

Recruiting Your Local School and Preparing Together

Adapting the Grandfriends Project to Residential Programs

Introduction to School Staff

The Easy Four-Stage Mini-Program Start-up

Typical Start-up Sequence for the Four-Stage Mini-Program

Designing for Maximum Flexibility

Basic Planning Questions and Strategies

What Level of Student Are You Working with?

Special Note about Special Students

Staffing Needs

Transportation and Time Options

How Often Will You Visit? How Long Is the Visit?

What Type of Facility Will You Work with?

How Do You Hope to Interact with Staff?

How Will You Pair Residents to Students?

Forms and Records

Documenting Learning with Personal Journals

When Will You Begin the Set-Up?

Setting Goals

Student Recruitment and Orientation Sample

Suggested Tour Sequence

Suggested Sequence for On-Site Volunteer Orientation & Training

Tips for Chapter 1, Basic Training

Tips for Chapter 2, How We Change as We Age

Tips for Chapter 3, Rules, Regulations, Precautions

Tips for Chapter 4, Listening and Interviewing Techniques

Tips for Chapter 5, Making a Memory Book Gift

Tips for Chapter 6, Ideas for Expanding the Project

Tips for Chapter 7, Stereotypes, Ageism and the Alternatives

Tips for Chapter 8, CD-Rom & Online Research

Tips for Chapter 9, the Stages of Aging

Tips for Chapter 10, Words like "Young" and "Old"

Tips for Chapter 11, Consider a Career Helping Grandfriends

Tips for Chapter 12, Grandfriend Final Report Writing Guide

Appendix A - Start-Up Checklist

Appendix B - Sample Start-Up Schedule & Memo

Appendix C - Sample Invitation Letter

Appendix D - Permission Form for Community Based Learning Experiences

Appendix E - Sample Photo Permission

Appendix F - Mentor Profile

Appendix G - Journal and Worksheet Tracking Sheet

Roster for Tracking Grandfriend Partners

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