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Assignment #11

In this assignment you'll focus on some specific job possibilities. Consider what it takes to do the job. At the end you may want to consider applying for work now in a facility which cares for grandfriends.

  1. Review two job descriptions related to working in a care facility or in the community. Find these in career centers or even nursing homes. List the two jobs you studied:
    Job #1

    Job #2

  2. Pick one job you might seriously consider and find information about your job area using materials in the library or career center, or by interviewing people. --What are the duties?

  3. Where is this work usually done?

  4. What are the pay and benefits?

  5. What education or training is required?

  6. What kind of person would like doing this job? What kind of person must you be to do well?

  7. What part of the job are you unsure of, or what parts might bother you?

  8. Where can you visit or where can you write to for more information about this job?

  9. If you wanted to work this summer, and your main training and experience is from the Grandfriend Project, what kind of entry level or beginning job might you try? If you don't know the name of the job, tell what department or service it is a part of.

  10. What can you do to apply for that job now? See if you could answer the following questions:

    1. Where would you go to apply? Who might you talk with or ask to speak to ?

    2. During the interview or on the application, you might be asked if you have any experience. What could you put down? (Hint: List the Grandfriend Project, number of sessions or days or hours you volunteered, how you helped)

    3. During the interview you might be asked, "How do I know you can work with older people? What kinds of skills do you have?" How will you answer this question? You might begin by reviewing assignments you completed in this book.

      Jot down examples or experiences which describe the skills you learned. Think back. Did you receive any compliments from your teacher or the staff at the place you visit? Finally, ask yourself, "What did I learn which will make me easy to train on the job?"

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