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Online Research Guide

Find a place where you can search for information online using CD-ROMs or the Internet. Then use the computer system to hunt "online" for interesting facts about growing older. This will help you see why your work with the seniors is so important in a world growing older each day. If you are new at this, be sure to ask for some assistance or a demonstration.

Scavenger Hunt For Three Astounding Facts

  1. Find at least three astounding facts about aging. In other words, find out something you think would surprise people. Perhaps you can find out how many people over 65 will be on planet Earth after the year 2010, or the average length of life (longevity) today, or what it will mean to have so many older citizens in the next century. You may have to look in more than one document. As you record each fact, be sure to fill out your reference in question 2 which follows.
    fact #1

    fact #2

    fact #3

  2. Record where you got your facts.

    For Fact #1-

    For Fact #2-

    For Fact #3-

  3. Review your facts and then answer the following:

    What fact surprised you the most? Why?

    Which fact would probably affect you the most in your volunteer service?

    Which one will you think about a lot?

Offer Advice To Your "Aging" Teacher

  1. Read over your research. Then offer some advice to your teacher who is growing older by the second. Base your advice on the facts you have gathered. What advice might you give the teacher to help him (or her) prepare for retirement or getting older? Write this below.

Keyword search For "Ageism"

  1. This is the bonus round, worth 20 bonus points. Find out what the term "Ageism" means. To do this, we'll need to use Ageism as your keyword. If that doesn't work, try using the words Age and Prejudice together (including the word "and").

    Define Ageism based on what you read

    Give an example of Ageism you have seen or heard

  2. Record where you got the information on ageism.

Be sure to save your references and facts for later use in your final report!!

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