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The Grandfriends Project -- A Program Creating Friendships Across the Generations Martin Kimeldorf, the author

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This student workbook is approximately 90 pages long and is composed of small chapters broken into units on topics ranging from aging awareness, to careers, communications, research, and report writing. The complete workbook will be available from Fairview Press (1-800-544-8207). The hyperlinked chapters are online and may be freely used in the classroom.

Each of the chapters in this book represents a unit of training. Chapters begin with an introduction to the contents. This is followed by one or more stories illustrating the main theme and skills to be learned. After gaining some insight from the story, the background section provides additional, in- depth information. Finally, the student is asked to demonstrate skills and knowledge in a chapter assignment, presented in a worksheet format.


Chapter 1 - Basic Training: Boot Camp
Assignment #1 - the Nursing Home Experience and Young Seniors

Chapter 2 - How We Change as We Age
Assignment #2 - Aging Simulations

Chapter 3 - Rules, Regulations, Precautions
Assignment #3 - Rules and Suggestions

Chapter 4 - Listening and Interviewing Techniques
Assignment #4 - Reflective and Active Listening Techniques Worksheet
Assignment #5 - Personal Interview Sheet

Chapter 5 - Making a Memory Book Gift
Memory Book Templates

Chapter 6 - Ideas for Expanding the Project
Assignment #6 - Project Expansion Brainstorm

Chapter 7 - Stereotypes, Ageism and the Alternatives
Assignment #7 - Alternatives to Ageism Worksheet

Chapter 8 - CD-ROM and Online Research
Assignment #8 - Online Research Guide

Chapter 9 - The Stages of Aging
Assignment #9 - Thinking about Stages and Changes for Teens and Seniors

Chapter 10 - Words like "Young" and "Old"
Assignment #10 - My Definition for "Old" and "Young"

Chapter 11 - Consider a Career Helping Grandfriends
Assignment #11 - Career Exploration

Chapter 12 - Grandfriend Final Report Writing Guide
Detailed Outline for a Final Report

Journal Writing Assignments

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