The GOOD NEWS is that your are very consistent. The BAD NEWS is that you are consistently making the same error!

The ORDER OF OPERATIONS must be done exactly according to the rules or the answer will be wrong.

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

Notice My Dear comes BEFORE Aunt Sally? That's to remind you that, unless there are groupings (in parentheses), you'll complete Multiplication and/or Division BEFORE you do any Addition and/or Subtraction. Keep in mind that the ORDER OF OPERATIONS is not in alphabetical order. You will begin at the left looking for the appropriate operations; you will do Multiplication or Division before any Addition or Subtraction.

7 + 8 X 5 =

7 + 40 =



Please copy this problem on your paper. Check to see that you copied it correctly. Then, before you begin solving it, THINK! Do you see the Multiplication? Do it first!

2 + 4 X 3 =

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14 18
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